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My name is Cherise Cave and I am the founder of Healing Waters Ministries and the Ministry Director for this conglomerate. I am also the Founder of Daughters of Zion, Pathway To Purity & Women, Weapons Of Warfare. Join me on my Pathway to Purity as I touch on my celibacy journey and speak with other strong, powerful women of God on the realization of purpose.

Pathway To Purity. Nurturing The Journey Of Pure Lifestyles Through Christ.

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My Story

I am still on my Pathway to Purity. Continually, I share because people need to know that there is a God through my testimony. I have not arrived and I have not mastered the journey to which I have been called. Today however, another step has been taken and God has been gracious to show me His favour. I was the one who never saw herself being able to travel past the place of her pain, yet God used and continues to use it for His purpose. You see, to you it may not be so great but to me it is everything because if it had not been for the Lord I wouldn't, I couldn't be here. But Mercy said, "Her,  I want her."


God continues to blow my mind and I am along with Him for the ride because I know this is simply a pit stop in my destination, I introduce to you Campus Pastor Cherise Cave, Child of God, His Beloved and His Chosen. Join me on Pathway to Purity, as we pursue the journey of waiting for our chosen spouses by seeking the Kingdom of God first, and letting Him add all He desires after. 

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